SG NOTES: Renovation

Devoni Novak, Assistant New Editor

Bottom floor of SUB to be renovated

Buffer Fund is working with architects on refurbish the space on the first floor of the SUB. The goal of the transformation is to make the space more cohesive, modern and warm. Making the three rooms on the bottom floor (the game room, Rifkin Café and the lounge) flow together better will allow the space to feel more open, the architects suggested. They also believe when the café gets busy during lunch hour, overflow seating will be easier to accommodate with the new layout design. Renovations will include new paint, wallpaper, carpet, lighting and seating.

Other business:

Funds granted for rock wall equipment and mascot head

Buffer Fund Committee requested funds for new rock wall safety gear including ropes and harnesses. Buffer budgeted two ropes for $900 and 30 harnesses at $55.33 each. Buffer fund also asked for $3,500 for a new colonel head, claiming the old one was growing illness-causing mold. Because both issues concerned safety, SG voted in favor of two separate motions: $3,500 for a colonel head and $2,560 for rock wall gear. In total, Buffer Fund was given $6,060.

SG attempts to wean paintball club off tournament funding

Paintball Club requested $617.53 to help pay for upcoming tournament fees. Because the club consistently asks SG to fund their tournaments, SG deliberated whether or not they should grant the amount. SG also felt continuation of Paintball Club was an issue because many of the members will be graduating after this semester. Because Paintball Club has been a strong organization and has been dedicated to community service throughout its existence, SG decided to grant them $617.53 for their next tournament. Allegedly, SG is opposed to funding tournaments in the future.

SAAC fund request for Plutino community service award

The Plutino Award was an idea proposed by Student-Athlete Advisory Committee that will encourage community service while honoring Wilkes alumnus Sgt. Sandrino Plutino, who died while serving in Afghanistan. When Plutino attended Wilkes, he was a wrestling team captain and Army Ranger. To honor Plutino, sports teams will compete for the Plutino award by obtaining the most community service hours per player.  SAAC requested $570 to put towards a plaque that will list the winning team each year. SG granted the amount, deciding the award would encourage community service while honoring a true hero.

IEEE Club requests funds for Engineering Olympics

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers requested $4,000 to help pay for the Engineering Olympics, a competition that brings as many as 10 high schools to Wilkes to participate in five engineering events. IEEE believes the event gives high school students the opportunity to be introduced to engineering, interact with students from various areas and gain insight for the future. Costs will cover promotional items, food, tables, competition materials and awards. So far nine schools (over 200 students) have confirmed participation. This is week one of the fund request; SG will make a decision at next week’s meeting.

Spring Fling at the Woods

A Hollywood-themed Spring Fling is scheduled for March 30 and will be held at the Woodlands. The venue and dinner will cost SG about $30 a person, although tickets will be priced between $5 and $10. Other costs include a DJ, security guards and shuttle services. Prior to the event, there will be a photo contest where winners will be given $100 to act as paparazzi at the dance.

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