Internship fair to bring 40 different companies to campus

Quyen Nguyen, Correspondent

Opportunities are available for students to discover internship possibilities at the Wilkes University internship fair. The two hour internship fair will take place at 11 a.m. on Oct. 20 in the ballroom of the Student Union Building. Approximately 40 different companies such as Target, the American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, Fox 56, the Institute for Human Research and Services, as well as others, will come and look for Wilkes interns.
“It is a good experience for students who participate in this event,” Sharon Castano, the coordinator of Student Development, said. “They are looking for professionalism, drive and motivation.”
Castano went on to say how important internships are for students as it offers a way for students to get hands-on experiences in their specific career fields.
“Employers know that interns are there to learn and experiment so they expect to teach students those experiences,” Castano said. “Students only need a good attitude, the desire to learn and the employers will be glad to teach.”
She also stressed the importance that students should be dressed professionally, prepared with an approved resume in hand and know about the company prior to attending and talk to the employers at this year’s internship fair.
“Anything that you would wear to an interview also would be good to wear to this Internship Fair,” Castano said.
Most students need an internship for their own experiences or for an academic requirement. Dr. Jane Elmes-Crahall, professor of communication studies, encourages students to attend the fair.
“It’s a good place for students to start searching for an internship with a variety of choices, especially when they don’t know where to start yet,” Dr. Elmes-Crahall said. “Students also have to keep in mind that those 40 companies are not the only choices they have. There are plenty of additional opportunities out there waiting for Wilkes students to discover.”