Sordoni Art Gallery opens last exhibition of the semester


As soon as a guest walks into the gallery, the first thing that grabs their attention is the show’s title wall. This exhibition, “State: Obvious/Not So” displays all works from 1973 to the present by artist Dan R. Talley. The artist is a professor at Kutztown University and taught photography, time-based media and professional practices. Also, he worked as a gallery director, arts writer and of course, artist. His pieces in this exhibition include a little bit of photography, videos, drawings, as well as installations that incorporate audio and photographic projections.

Kellie Scott, Staff Writer

The Sordoni Art Gallery opened its
new exhibition by artist Dan R. Talley,
“State: Obvious/Not So.” This exhibition
will be up from April 5 to May 29 and
includes a variety of Talley’s work.
Talley is a professor from Kutztown
University where he taught photography,
time-based media and professional
practices. His exhibition incorporates
works dating from 1973 to the present.
“The exhibition is a retrospective,
which means that it is a broad
overview of nearly 50 years of work
and includes photography, video,
sculptural installations of mixed media
and drawings,” said Heather Sincavage,
director of the Sordoni Art Gallery. “Dan
is someone who is both conceptual and
minimalist. Thematically, I’d say there is
not necessarily a thread that binds the
In terms of setting up the exhibit, there

was a lot of work to be done.
“I feel bad overusing this word but
it just captures the whole atmosphere:
exciting,” said Dasha Yakhnis, senior
marketing major. “When coming up
with arrangements and then with the
hanging process proving to be difficult
at times, it’s so thrilling and fulfilling
to see it all come together to create
stunning exhibits.”
This show is one to stop in and visit as
it encapsulates a true art experience and
includes a variety of different conceptual
“I think the same as any exhibition, I
would encourage people to come in with
an open mind and be ready to observe
and ponder,” said Alyssa Roberts, senior
digital design and media arts. “Talley’s
work focuses mainly on celebrating
objects, places, people, or media that we
tend to overlook.”
For more information on this
exhibition visit the gallery’s Instagram
account @sordonigallery.