Creative Colonel of the Week: Mattias Hime


Mattias Hime, owner of Stack or Starve (S.O.S), creates affordable and good quality clothes for everyone to feel and look their best.

Jordan Daniel, Life, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Mattias Hime, senior business
management major, is a perfect fit for this
week’s Creative Colonel. His combined
knowledge of business management and
interest in fashion allowed him to begin
his own clothing brand, Stack Or Starve
“The inspiration behind the name
comes from me as a child struggling in
life and my mom always told me to focus
on building a strong and powerful life,
and I would never have to worry about
struggling so the inspiration of the name
has to do a lot with my mom,” said Hime.
Hime began S.O.S in August 2022 in
the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic,
so it was challenging for him to obtain
customers. Nevertheless, the message
he spread with his brand caught the

attention of some people.
“I also wanted to build an affordable
brand for families who can’t afford
expensive name brands,” said Hime. “I
was that kid who couldn’t afford things
for a while but my family worked hard
to get where we are today. I will never
forget where I came from so I want to
show people that you can afford nice
quality clothes for a low price.”
The beginning process for Hime was
going great and he sold out the first
hoodie in just about two hours. Then, he
took his clothing brand online to focus
on building a real brand that people can
rely on and reach people around the
“My favorite thing about my business
is seeing people wearing my brand and
trusting in the quality,” said Hime.
When he created his first hoodie, Hime
worked together with another company,
Custom Ink, which sold custom clothes
in bulk. He designs his clothes by using
a website called, which
allows him to customize and make
adjustments to his designs.
Hime’s friend and roommate, Dylan
Walck, helped him launch S.O.S’ website
and as of now, Hime no longer works
with Custom Ink but a new company
called Printify to create his clothes.
S.O.S provides hoodies, athletic wear,
trucker hats and more. In order to check
out some of the products by Hime’s
brand and to find out more information
about it, visit the website at stackstarve.
“I hope I can help people all around the
world,” said Hime. “I hope that one day
I can give back to low-income students
and families.”