Liz’s Craft Column: DIY, customizable dry erase grocery list

Moving into college as a first-year student can sometimes be daunting. For a lot of students, this means moving away from friends, family and familiar environments. It can also mean moving in with a roommate, which many students have never done before.

There are always challenges, but a lot of these can be avoided using simple hacks. Communication is key with a new roommate so this DIY craft may ease some of that stress. It is easy to forget when food runs out when you are trying to remember tests and assignments, but this list makes it super easy to remember and also lets your roommate know.

For the craft, the supplies required are a 5×7 picture frame, cardstock or scrapbook paper, and glue and a marker. These supplies can be found at craft stores, such as Joann Fabrics, or Michaels or the Dollar Store.

To start, grab the piece of cardstock or scrapbook paper. This paper can have any design to fit any dorm room aesthetic as long as it is a light color so writing can be able to be seen on top of it. 

Next, take that paper and cut it to the size of the frame. It can help to cut around the back of the frame or the glass as a size reference.

Once the paper is cut, it is time to add the title. The design just uses “groceries” but you can be creative or play on the word, such as “study supplies” or “necessities.” If handwriting is a strength of yours or the paper can be easily written on, grab any marker and write the title near the top of the paper.

If handwriting is not your strength or the paper has an odd design, feel free to use any word processor to type your saying. The font can be fun or unique and any size. Then print this out, cut it and glue it onto the top of the paper.

One that step is done, place the paper inside the frame and close it.

The dry erase board is now ready to be displayed. The glass can easily have dry erase markers washed off of it so make sure to write any shopping items on your new DIY board.