DC Comics to launch new entertainment streaming service


When you think of comic book characters, and their current take over of the film industry, your mind would most likely go to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

There’s good reason for it too, for the last 10 years, the MCU has released hit after hit, seemingly leaving the DC Comics movie making company, The DCEU, in the dust.

This would leave many to believe that DC Entertainment, and their parent company, Warner Bros. Studios, are unable to make a well-grounded, character driven, masterpiece like “Avengers: Infinity” but, the truth is, they have been doing just that, for even longer, but in a whole different medium.

Warner Brother Animated has been steadily releasing groundbreaking, full-length animated movies since the release of “Superman: Doomsday” in September of 2007, a full eight months before the MCU kicked into gear with “Iron Man”.

Furthermore, DC has also created some of the most entertaining and loved animated series the comic book world has ever seen. Fanboys from around the world praise “Batman: The Animated Series” as one of the best arcs the character has ever appeared in, and started many a geeks on their way down the rabbit hole into the crazy world that is comic book fandom.

Now this fandom is going to morph, and try its hand in breaking into a new medium, the Internet.

It’s no secret that “cable cutters” are popping up all over the country, tired of paying for high cable bills, and switching over to pay monthly for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. These patterns have led DC Comics to be a pioneer by taking all of their entertainment and putting it under one, digital, roof. “DC Universe: The Ultimate DC Membership” will do just that in a few days. 

Starting on Sept. 15, fans of everything DC Comics (really, everything) will be able to access thousand of hours of entertainment that DC Comics has put out over the decades, in various mediums, through the DC Universe subscription service.

These hours will be composed of epic animated movies, legendary films, can’t miss TV classics and must read comics.

Even cooler still, the membership will allow hardcore fans to be able to connect with the larger DC community, get exclusive members only merchandise, and enjoy unlimited streaming access to original DC series, which will have new episodes available weekly.

So far the only footage we have seen from any of their original programming is a teaser trailer for the live action “Titans” show, and it was generally supported by fans everywhere. The trailer did feature an awesome moment, that set the dark, gritty, theme that will most likely fill the entire show, where Robin drops an F-bomb when referring to his nocturnal mentor.

To sweeten the pot even further for those who are still on the fence, DC Universe as an extra enticement for anyone who pre-orders;

“Pre-order your annual membership today and we’ll give you 3 additional months free. That’s 15 months of unlimited access for $74.99 or less than $5 a month. Plus, when you join today (or if you’ve already signed up) you’ll get automatic entry into The Unlimited Batman Studio Tour Sweepstakes – which includes a trip for you and a guest to LA, a tour of DC Headquarters, a ride in the Batman Forever Batmobile and more.

For more information, or to sign up go to www.dcuniverse.com.