May the forest be with you as you participate in the campus challenge

Shannon O'Connor , Assistant Editor

Get up and get moving.

Wilkes University is currently involved in the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge.

This challenge is a “Mother-Nature-meets-March-Madness competition with 100 schools from across the country going head-to-head for four weeks to see who can get the most people outside and active,”  according to the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge website.

The goal of the Outdoor Nation  Campus Challenge is to see which university can encourage the most students to be active and explore the great outdoors. The university  that accumulates the most points wins the challenge.

Students, faculty, staff and members of the community can get involved in this challenge. Those who are intrested can download the Outdoor Nation app and register under Wilkes University.

By logging your outdoor activities on the app, Wilkes earns more points in the challenge. One activity earns the Wilkes team 50 points. Users can pictures of themselves and their friends doing an outdoor activity and share it on the app. Whether you are reading outside, relaxing in a hammock or taking a hike at a local park, all of these activities can be documented by taking a quick photo and uploading them.

Wilkes Adventure Education club will also be hosting events throughout the challenge to give people the opportunity to earn more points. To learn more about the upcoming events, check out their instagram page for updates and the Wilkes Today emails.

The Outdoor Nation Challenge began Sept. 18 and runs through Oct. 15. Wilkes is currently in eighth place.

Help out Wilkes University and get active by getting involved in the Outdoor Nation Challenge. The university with the highest number of points will win free outdoor gear and be named National Outdoor Champion. For more information or questions, contact Adventure Education Coordinator, Jill Price, at [email protected].