Five tips for job interviews

Seniors of Wilkes University, picture this. It is gradation and you are sitting in a chair with your cap and gown on waiting for your name to be called so you can receive that diploma that you worked so hard for.

Getting that diploma will most likely be one of the happiest and relieving moments of your life. Then after all, the day starts to wind down you think to yourself, “I need to find a job.”

The task of entering the job market is always the hardest thing to do. The Career Services office at Wilkes helps current students and alumni with the tools and tips needed to prosper during job interviews.

Here are five tips and tricks to help you prepare for an interview.

1. Of course have a resume

The most important paper you will be handing your interviewer is a copy of your resume. Make sure that everything on the resume is accurate for such as work history and education.

Also make sure that the grammar is correct so you are not giving a hopeful employer a paper full of mistakes. Also look into having a reference sheet ready to hand to the employer if they were to ask for one.

2. Be prepared to answer questions

One of the most nerve racking things about a job interview is how you are going to ask the questions you will be asked.

One way to think of what you are going to say when asked the critical questions is to schedule a mock interview with Career Services, during this mock interview a member of the Career Services staff will ask you questions about your past accomplishments and challenges.

Knowing how to answer these questions can help you succeed during the interview.

3. Do your research on the company

This may not seem like something that should be important but it really is. It is recommended to find the website for the company you are interviewing with if they have one available.

The key of this is to look up things like mission statements and a history of the company that may be employing you. Researching these items can help you during the interview if the interviewer starts to ask if you have any questions.

You can show them what you know about the company and this can put you in a better chance to get the job.

4. Take advantage of Career Fairs now

This step is not only for seniors but for all of the students at Wilkes as well. Every semester at Wilkes a career fair is held on campus, with the next upcoming fair on March 14 in UCOM.

Usually even before the event occurs a list of the employers coming to the event is published so you can research if there are any employers there in the field you will be entering.

These fairs can also take place as a mock interview as well. If you do a good job with the company representatives at the stand, you may get a step ahead of other candidates.

5. Know what to wear

This may seem like a weird tip, but it is a very important one. You should have your outfit for the job interview picked out the day before the interview.

This outfit should not be jeans and a T-shirt. No matter where you are going for a job interview, you should always be better dressed than what the dress code for the employer is.

Besides these five tips there are several more tips that students can learn for their upcoming job search.

If you are a senior that thinks they may need help with job interviews and other documents such as resumes, contact the student services office in the second floor of Conyngham, or send an email [email protected].