5 ways to heal your winter blues

Hot Yoga:

Wilkes Adventure Education (WAE) offers hot yoga classes to students every Tuesday at Melt Hot Yoga from 11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m.  Transportation leaves Henry Student Center at 11 a.m. and the cost for students is either $20 per semester or $2 per class.  Mats and towels are provided for the participants.

Start Something New:

Although your semester may already be packed with things to do and you’re too exhausted to do anything more than what is asked of you, try something new.

Join a new club. Pick up a new hobby. Read for fun. Learn how to play a new instrument. Take an art class. Try a new workout class at the YMCA. Purchase a tanning package.

You understand what I’m saying, right? Try something new, and take life for all its worth. You won’t regret it.

Break out the goodies:

With dining halls repeating the same meals constantly, this is the perfect time to develop your inner Rachael Ray. If you have access to a kitchen or maybe you can share with a friend, try out a fun new recipe (maybe even from our recipe section that’s updated every week).

Aside from that, see what you would enjoy cooking. Would you like freshly baked French toast, cinnamon rolls, or monkey bread? Try something that you wouldn’t normally be up for.

Spring Cleaning:

As a college student, you may not have cleaned up your room or touched your laundry in awhile. Simply starting your spring cleaning habits early, may help you feel less stressed, and help get rid of your winter blues. The best thing about cleaning is, you can do it while binge watching your favorite show!

Plan a trip:

Plan a summer trip with your friends, whether that be a weekend beach trip to New Jersey or a month long trip abroad… it may help get you out of your winter blues. When planning a trip, keep Groupon in mind, it really helps cut back on the cost of travel.