Young Frankenstein comes to Little Theatre

Need a good laugh?

Looking for some lighthearted entertainment?

Check out the comedy Young Frankenstein. The production of this show will be performed at Little Theatre from April 15 to the 24.

Wilkes University alumni and professors are starring as the characters in this show which is directed by Wilkes alumnus, James Daly. 

Daly always wanted a job where each day he would be doing something different. This led him to taking courses in directing, acting and scenic design at Wilkes University. He graduated from Wilkes with a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre.

Daly enjoys finding new ways of telling stories. During his time at Wilkes, he managed a show, assistant managed some and co-directed a few classmate capstones.

Now, he is working together with professors and alumni to create a slightly different version of the original play, Young Frankenstein.

“I think it is a really cool experience to be able to work with Wilkes University alumni and professors,” Daly said.

“We all just happen to be a part of the show and it is a great experience to share with the community.”

This version of Young Frankenstein is set two generations later than the story most people know, Daly said.

“Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, the last living relative, must travel to Transylvania where he has inherited the castle of the late Victor Von Frankenstein,” Daly said.    

“With some help and much laughter along the way, he is able to ‘join the family business’ and attempt an experiment of his own.”

Dr. Thomas Franko, a Wilkes University assistant pharmacy professor, stars as the main character, Frederick Frankenstein.

Franko said that he is a big fan of the Young Frankenstein movie and that it is probably one of his favorite Mel Brooks films.

Of the four to five years he has been involved with theatre productions, he never had an outright humorous role.

This all changed once he had the opportunity to play Frankenstein.

“Getting a chance to exercise more of a comedic role over a serious role or a serious role that has some comedic moments is a welcomed change,” said Franko.

He really enjoys not having to dance a lot as Frankenstein.

“We’re doing a song right now where currently all I need to do is sit in a chair, and everybody is dancing around me,” he laughs.   

On a more serious note, Franko likes that he has to seek out the humor in his leading character role. His script is not necessarily written in an overly comedic way. It is a nice challenge for him to uncover the funny parts of his scripted lines through his presentation onstage.

The cast has been preparing for the show since February. They rehearse four days a week; Monday through Thursday. With opening night quickly approaching, the blocking and polishing rehearsals have already begun.

If you’re interested in seeing a show full of catchy music, tap dancing and lots of comedy consider seeing Young Frankenstein.

The cost of tickets for the general public is $20. Students have free admission with their Wilkes ID.

If you have any questions, please email the Little Theatre at [email protected] or call at 570-823-1875. For more information on show dates and times, you can also visit