Adventure Education continues taking on great outdoors

Amanda Bialek, Staff Writer

At Wilkes, there is no excuse to be bored.

Student development offers Adventure Education, WAE, as an extracurricular program for students to get become active.

This department hosts adventurous activities like rock climbing, camping, biking, ballroom dancing among others.

Recently, WAE received a grant to participate in the 2015 National Outdoor Challenge. This contest challenges 59 colleges to compete against each other to prove who can get the most students active in the outdoors. Over a six week period, students have the opportunity to create an account and post pictures of outdoor activities that they participate in.

There are a variety of things that students can do outside that will qualify for the challenge. This program is designed to encourage students to get involved with the outdoors and meet new people.

“Most of my daily activities have been simple things like walking or playing frisbee with friends. The challenge has helped us to get so many people outdoors that would not have done so otherwise, and I believe that is the ultimate mission of the whole thing,” Adventure Education Student Coordinator Anthony Fanucci said.

Students can create an account on and log a photo every time they complete an outdoor activity.

The Adventure Education Program will also be giving away prizes for students who participate in the challenge.

“If it weren’t for the On Campus Challenge, I probably wouldn’t have ever had the opportunity to enjoy nature and the amazing sites,” student Allie Grudeski said.

Wilkes University is the only East Coast school in the top five for this challenge.

“What is truly amazing is out of the 59 teams in the nation, we are currently in fourth place,” WAE Coordinator Jill Price said.

If Wilkes wins, the Adventure Education Program could earn up to 1500 dollars. This money could result in another camping trip or additional equipment for the program.

There will be a Fall Break backpacking trip for those interested in joining. WAE will also be holding Saturday and Sunday hikes. These events are open to any student who enjoys the outdoors or who is willing to go out of their comfort zone by trying something new.

“My favorite part is watching students discover cool things about themselves,” Price said.