Ringing in Lunar New Year

Nicole Zukowski, Life, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The Lunar New Year was brought in with a celebration at Wilkes University.

The Wilkes University Asian Culture Club hosted a Chinese New Year celebration last wednesday so that the Wilkes community could embrace the Chinese culture.

Each lunar new year is marked with a symbolic animal and natural element. The current new year will be the year of the Green Sheep. The sheep will also be symbolic of the element Earth based on its habitual eating and living patterns.

“I believe that diversity events are good experiences and create fun at school,” Zhaoyang Wang, member of the Asian Culture Club said. “We want more people to know about the Chinese culture.”

People who came out to to the celebration had the opportunity to taste Chinese food and do a workshop on dumpling making.

Wang adds, “Diversity events like the Chinese New Years can not only provide a way to exchange our cultural views to others but also brings a platform to broaden horizons of all.”

The event also presented traditional Chinese dance and games for the audience to learn.

Wang holds Wilkes University in high regards in terms of accepting and understanding different cultures.

“Wilkes University is like the cosmos that includes the different stars. Each star is quite different and unique, but because of the differences among the cosmos(student body), the whole universe is able to shine,” Wang said.

The Asian Culture Club plans to continue efforts for providing campus with the opportunity to gain better understanding of different cultures throughout the rest of the semester.