Commuter Council Hosts “Almost Valentine’s Day” Social

Justin Topa, Assistant Life, A&E Editor

On Tuesday, Feb. 10, Wilkes University’s Commuter Council hosted an “Almost Valentine’s Day” social event in the first floor lounge of the Henry Student Center.

The events for the evening consisted of an ice cream eating contest, a balloon pop, bingo and a Wilkes University version of the newlywed game, which drew the most interaction from those in attendance. The Newlywed Game was a new addition to the activities this year and, with a large combination of couples, friends and even a pair of strangers participating, proved to be a success.

Commuter Council also provided the party-goers with a buffet of baked goods, including brownies baked by freshman Lauren Evans, and 8 pies of Januzzi’s pizza. While the event was scheduled to last from 5 to 8 p.m., Commuter Council ran out of food after two hours due to a large increase of those in attendance compared to the previous years.

Brian Surdovel, a Wilkes University sophomore majoring in finance, was one of dozens who were in attendance during the event on Tuesday evening. He found the Newlywed Game to be an amusing alternative to an otherwise boring weeknight.

“It was a relatively comical experience,” said Surdovel. “It may have been disorganized at times, but it was a fun thing to do on an otherwise eventless Tuesday night.”

Wilkes University’s Commuter Council is also scheduled to host a bus trip on March 28 to Washington, D.C. and a Mad Hatter-themed tea party on April 21.

For additional information on upcoming events or to learn about becoming involved with Commuter Council, which is open to all students regardless of residence status, students are encouraged to e-mail Commuter Council President, Sarah Bedford, via [email protected]