Students take their future endeavors into their own hands; Wilkes Entrepreneurship Club destined for greatness

Nicole Zukowski, Life, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The responsible of success or failure of an idea is on the shoulders of people who take chances and believe in what they envision. To be an entrepreneur, one has to follow initiative and be aware of the results of risks.

Wilkes Entrepreneurship Club operates on the idea that business is a culmination of many different factors that work harmoniously together to create a the goal of success of their members.

The Entrepreneurship Club’s president, Britton Heim, explained, “Our mission is to create a healthy relationship between our members, the Family Business Alliance, and the Kirby Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise, to immerse our members into projects dealing with helping local entrepreneurs, to help our members with their own entrepreneurial business ventures, and lastly, to give our members a first hand experience with real world entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs.”

With a sense of unity and we are all in this together momentum, the club offers an environment that helps fade the fear of failing when pursuing to follow the dream of owning a business.

“Us, college students, hold the new and fresh ideas that are going to be the next generation of our economy, but many people are afraid to take their dreams and ideas and turn them into reality,” said Heim. “We are here to try and take some of that fear away by networking them with the Family Business Alliance and the Kirby Center so they can get the opportunity to meet people who took the “leap of faith” and followed their dream. We are also here to provide a support team for our members and help them through the startup stages of their business so that they are not in it alone.”

With a focus on guiding members forward in following their hopes of success, the club is seen as a helpful resource to it’s members.

“Although we are just getting started, the entrepreneurship club serves as a great opportunity for students and the businesses they serve,” sophomore Jeff Horwith, said.

Heim goes on to explain that the club is new to campus and had some objective to accomplish themselves.

“Being a new club, we are really focused on getting projects going and getting our members involved.”

Currently the Entrepreneurship Club is working three projects.

“One of the was to clean out some of the things in the basement of the Kirby Center to sell for some funds. We sold various apartment type supplies, like unopened packs of sheets and dishes and cleaning supplies and such.”

Heim also said that the club is looking to bring in some speakers for lectures and going to entrepreneur symposiums.

The club welcomes new members and for more information contact Britton Heim at [email protected]