She said, He said; The start of a new column

Nicole Zukowski, Justin Topa, Life, Arts & Entertainment Editors

Topics effect women and men differently. In this weekly column myself and the Assistant Life, Arts and Entertainment, junior communication studies major Justin Topa will explore different topics of discussion in a gendered perspective.

The female/male discussions will be centered around the facts and opinions of people who have knowledge on the subject.

On my half of the discussion female aspects will be brought to attention. How things in everyday life effect females differently than males will be explained for clarity.

As being a communication studies major myself with interest in history, I hold researching and knowing the laws and facts about things of high importance.

Justin Topa-

Justin Topa is a junior at Wilkes University who majors in communication studies under the dual concentrations of public relations and rhetoric. He also minors in marketing.
When he is not in class or working on assignments, he enjoys winter road trips to the beach, singing way off-key ballads and hiking with friends.
Topa agreed to start this column because he hopes to understand and celebrate the different perspectives offered from all sides.
While Topa does not contest that he serves as a representation for all men and does, in fact, enjoy his individuality, he hopes to be able to provide a basic male perspective of the topics and issues facing college students today, as well as provide professional and educated commentary from experts in whatever the topic may be.