Filling a spiritual void: Christian Fellowship Club


Nicole Zukowski, Life, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Where do Wilkes students find religious faith?

Wilkes holds a non-denominational stance in regard to providing an education for its students, but that doesn’t keep the institution from hosting an array of different programs and events for students to learn about faith. One such organization is the Christian Fellowship Club.

“The purpose of the club is to reach out to the Wilkes student body and provide a positive atmosphere for students who desire to learn more or strengthen their Christian faith,” pharmacy major Tristram Ford, co-president of the Christian Fellowship Club, said.

College is a stressful time in which many students seek a higher being to confide in.

Ford said, “The decisions students make in social settings due to peer pressure are often detrimental to their well being. Christian Fellowship Club, CFC, provides a comfortable atmosphere for all students to come and be themselves, build friendships, and be encouraged.”

The club meets twice a week; once for bible study on Tuesdays at noon in Gies Hall in the Dorothy Dixon Darte Center and again on Sundays for a mass.  Most of the group members attend Restored Church on Franklin St. in Wilkes Barre.

CFC is also very active on campus and with the surrounding community.

“My favorite part is the activities we do on campus.  Such as giving out school supplies at the beginning of the year, cookies at Christmas and donuts whenever,” sophomore Amanda Gingrich, member of CFC, said.

With morals of the Christian faith held in high regard, the club participates in numerous community service activities. One major event the club takes part in is a Thanksgiving dinner at the First Baptist church on River St.

Helping better the Wilkes-Barre community is a goal of CFC.

Ford said, “The club has opened me up to the churches and local organizations in the area who have a heart for serving the city of Wilkes Barre. My favorite part about being involved in CFC is my personal spiritual growth , the friendships, and the encouragement I receive from others.  Over the years, the group has helped me grow in areas of accountability, integrity, and faith.”

CFC also takes part in See you at the Pole (SYATP) in the national week of pray.

“It is held on the 4th Wednesday in September.  Students gather at the flagpole on the greenway early in the morning to pray.  Schools at all levels across the globe participate.  We provide donuts and coffee for all who attend,” Ford said.

Over the past few years CFC started to attend concerts at local churches as well as an array of other public performances.

Ford explains, “This past fall, we saw the Newsboys and Britt Nicole at the Bloomsburg Fair.  One of our goals is to have an on-campus worship service with food and live music from bands/worship teams.”

The club is always looking for more members to join.

“The benefits for myself as well as other students are spiritual growth through Bible studies, prayer, and fellowship.  When I first came to Wilkes, I didn’t attend church as I had in high school.  Having a leadership role and being involved with CFC has helped to fill a spiritual need I was missing since starting college,” Ford said.

To fill that missing spiritual void any student might have, the campus Interfaith office, located on the second floor of the Henry Student Center, could answer any questions about the chosen faith of question. For more clubs or groups of faith visit the Wilkes Interfaith webpage: