Choreographer to the stars host master classes at Wilkes

Choreographer to the stars host master classes at Wilkes

Austin Ely, Staff Writer

On Nov. 23 and Dec. 7 master classes in contemporary dance will be offered by Eric Campros in the Darte Center room 101 from 10 A.M. lasting until noon.

Students are welcome to attend the classes free of charge and the event is open to the public for reservation plus a $15 charge.

Campros is a veteran dance choreographer who has had the chance to work with some big names in the music and dance industries.

He’s worked with people such as Lil Kim, Aaliyah, Usher, The Backstreet Boys and more.

He has also appeared at events like the MTV Music Awards, The Grammy Awards and the BET Awards. He is currently the Artistic Director of Youth Programming for the Brooklyn Dance Festival and he also teaches at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City.

“This is a unique opportunity for both our students and the community to experience a dance class taught by a master in the industry,” Lynne Mariani, Practice of Performing Arts faculty said.

Although the class in which Campros is teaching is a Master’s level class at a university that currently does not offer a Master’s program for dance, it seems as if the experience would benefit students who minor in dance.

Instructor Mariani enforced this point when she said, “This class is an opportunity to study with yet another professional that students would otherwise have to travel to NYC to experience. Eric is excited to be visiting our campus and meeting our faculty and students.”

Despite the fact that Wilkes does not offer a master’s program in dance there are some options for students who are still looking to concentrate in that field.

The Division of Performing Arts offers credit courses in Ballet, Jazz, Modern Dance, Tap and Dance composition for the beginner through the advanced dancer.

Ballet is offered at 4 levels.

The Jazz classes consist of classical Jazz Dance as well as Musical Theatre Dance and Hip-hop.

The Modern Dance classes are offered at 4 levels and include traditional Modern Dance based on the Lester Horton method as well as Contemporary Dance.

Tap classes are offered in 4 levels and include instruction in traditional tap methods as well as contemporary tap.

Dance composition allows students the opportunity to create their own works of choreography which are then performed at a special student composition dance concert in the spring.