Around the world in one night

Nicole Zukowski, Life, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Multicultural Student Coalition, MSC, offered students a chance to eat food from five different culture, along with learning a global perception of other countries through students own shared stories last Thurs. at their 3rd annual One World Party.

Kayla Rooney, president of MSC welcomed guests to the party by explaining that “MSC is devoted to spreading different cultures and diversity awareness.”

“Although we are all different, we are all the same,” Rooney said.

Every year MSC hosts an “One World Party” to bring the whole spectrum of student diversity under one roof for the night to share and bond under the assumption that everyone is special no matter where their background is from.

“Events like this are a good way to gain sensitive towards other culture,” sophomore nursing major, Lauren Spak said.

At any point during the night students from the audience could take the microphone and tell a story or interesting fact from where their family originated.

Sophomore psychology major, Danica DeMesa took this opportunity to share about her culture.

“Let me tell you about Christmas in the Philippines; everyone’s doors are open and it’s like a walk in buffet,” DeMesa said.

Many other diversity oriented clubs also showed up to support the event and took time to share their cultures to the audience.

“Communicating with each other to know each other better; that’s the main point of being multicultural,” sophomore entrepreneur major, Bowen Wong president of the Asian Cultural Society said.

Diversity is a characteristic that Wilkes feels strongly to represent to the community and offer students many opportunities to gain knowledge of other cultures. Events like this one are just small doses of spreading the importance of diversity.

“Going to diversity events like this one are a great way to meet other people. It forces you out of your shell and allows you to learn about different cultures,” Josh Lanesderger, first-year biology major said. “I also think that events, especially like this one, gives students a taste of other cultures and opens the minds of the possible of studying abroad.”

The One World Party is an interactive and fun way to expand one’s opinions and become social conscience of others.

“I think I is important to go to events like this to become more culturally aware,” first-year early education major, Julia McGeorge said. “Since I’m going to enter a field where you have to be culturally sensitive; I think it is really valuable to go to events like this.”

For more information on MSC contact Kayla Rooney at [email protected] or stop in the Office of Diversity on the corner of South St. and Franklin St.