Student Government to host “Casino Night”

Student Government to host Casino Night

Austin Ely, Staff Writer

Possibly one of the largest and most fun events on campus in both the fall and spring semester is Casino Week.

This fall semester, Casino Week will be held from Nov. 11 to the 14.

Casino Week here at Wilkes has become a genuine and fun filled custom, possibly because it is during one of the most crucial times of the year: crunch time. While students may or may not feel buckled down due to exams, papers or projects, Casino Week is perfect for those who are simply looking to get away from some of that “crunching” and studying  in order to have a bit of fun.

It is yet another time of the year where students can get out, meet new people and spend time with friends while also being given the opportunity to win some prizes.

Anthony Fanucci is the primary coordinator of the event and when asked what the purpose of having the event was he responded, “We (Wilkes University Student Government) work very hard to host this event and we just want everyone to have a great time!”

Casino Week is over the course of three days in which students are able to participate in certain events to earn coins.

Also, at the door students can win door prizes such as gift cards and a smart T.V.

The coins come in to play when students want to enter the raffle to win more prizes, which boasts a much larger collection of items. From a Macbook Pro, an iPad, a Surface Tablet and more, students will have the chance to enter the raffle for these prizes.

On Nov. 11, there will be Texas Hold Em’. On Nov. 12, Student Government is hosting Bingo and finally on Nov. 14 there will be Casino Night where many traditional casino games will be offered.

Friday night will last two to three hours where, at the end of the night, raffles prizes will be given out.

The event is one of the largest that Student Government puts together throughout the year and it often surpasses 500 people at Casino Night.

If interested in winning prizes and taking a break from academic life, Casino Week starts Nov. 11.

For more information contact Anthony Fanucci at [email protected]