College Party on the Square is back from years of not happening

Austin Ely, Staff Writer

Free food, free stuff and a good laugh were all to be had at The 2014 College Party on the Square last Wed.
The bash brought together a crowd of people both from Wilkes, Kings and others from the general public.
Students with their college I.D. were able to enjoy the perks of going to college in Wilkes-Barre by getting a boatload of free stuff.
Students received a complimentary cup from Jack Williams Tire Co. which had a card of discounts good to use at local businesses inside. Some of those businesses include Bottleneck’s, Movies 14, El Zocalo, Maer’s BBQ and Dunkin Donuts.
Some of the venders and local businesses were actually at the square such as Rodano’s, the Kettle Corn Shop and McCarthy Tire who were all offering food and more coupons.
A pong table was set up as a game in order to win free stuff from the folks at the Woodlands, who were also offering membership cards to those who hit the right cup and who were over twenty-one.
Pumpkin painting was set up not far from the pong table, where students were able to decorate a pumpkin however they wished. On the other end of the square music was resonating from the DJ tent where DJ Hersh was spinning tunes.
When asked about what his impression was on The Party on the Square Zach Cayea, first-year mathematics major commented, “I enjoyed myself and I definitely think it’s a good idea to get college students  out and about especially at this time of the school year.”
The party on the square was definitely a great way to kick off the schedule of fall festivities. The event help make it easier for college residents to indulge and have a little bit of fun in a responsible way.