WCLH offers new car-themed show

Amanda Kornak, Correspondent

Wilkes University’s radio station, WCLH, has added a new talk show that focuses on automotive news and issues to its program.

Zachary Benedict, a freshman at Wilkes University, is now the host of “Auto Talk” on WCLH 90.7 FM. The show revolves around cars, discussing automotive news and playing a few songs that are car themed. Benedict’s first show ran March 19 and will continue to air every Wednesday from 1-1:30 p.m.

“It is a show where we talk about domestic automotive news specifically dedicated to the American auto market and I give my personal opinion on a story,” Benedict said.

Once Benedict decided he wanted his own show, the next step was to talk with Renee Loftus, the general manager and advisor for WCLH.

“…he said, ‘I’d like to be on the radio, but I’d like to do a different show, I’d like to do a show about cars,’ and he explained and he knows a lot about cars, it’s been an interest with him,” Loftus said.

“I had always grown up around my father working on cars, he had me help him with little stuff and I was fascinated by it,” Benedict said.

Benedict shares his knowledge of cars with the listeners of his shows every week.

“There is a segment that I do just before the shows will end and it’s called ‘The Mechanic’s Tip of the Week,’ and I give my personal tip on something to do with your car, like this week’s tip was to always keep your car washed especially in the winter time,” Benedict said.

Although Benedict shares his own tips and tricks about cars, the show was not created to be a resource to use when having car troubles.

“So it’s not necessarily like a ‘help’ show, but I would actually love to help people with their problems,” Benedict said.

Benedict does have a few ideas for those days that lack news to share on the show. Theme days may make their debut in the next few weeks, as well as days where listeners call in to voice their own thoughts and opinions about automotive issues and news.

“It’s really cool. It adds diversity to our program here at Wilkes,” Loftus said.

To get updates about the show, follow “Auto Talk WCLH” on Twitter and Instagram, or like “Auto Talk with Zach Benedict WCLH 90.7 FM” on Facebook. To offer your ideas or thoughts about the show, email [email protected]