Commuter Council planning trip to Baltimore Inner Harbor

Jeremy Hartman, Correspondent

Students can attend a discounted Baltimore Orioles game, visit the National Aquarium, visit Edgar Allen Poe’s grave or a number of other activities during the Commuter Council’s bus trip to Baltimore April 13.

Tickets are being sold from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday in the Henry Student Center until April 13.

The trip will cost $25 for the bus fee, but it will be an additional $10 for students who attend the Baltimore Orioles game. It is a one-day trip. Students will be heading to Inner Harbor, Baltimore.

Students who are not interested in attending the baseball game have many other entertainment options on which to spend their day.

“It is a great trip to get some of the commuters here at Wilkes University as well as other students to go out and have an experience in great place,” said Christopher Cousin, a senior chemistry major and commuter from Kingston who is the Commuter Council president.

“Students have been asking about going to Baltimore, so here is their chance.” The Commuter Council works with Student Government to make events for the school, such as the Big Event, the New York City bus trip, and the Valentine’s Social. They also help with the parking passes on campus and have handed out free Rita’s in the Student Center.

“These trips are a great way to get commuters involved with school activities,” Cousin said.

“The council is looking forward to the trip, and the students that are going seem excited as well. We usually do the trip to New York, but this trip should be just as good.”

Jon Conklin, a junior at Wilkes, said he has enjoyed these bus trips. “I went on the New York bus trip last year had had a great time,” he said. “If I didn’t already have plans on the day for the Baltimore trip I would definitely go. The Commuter Council does a great job with this event.”

To learn more about the event, students can contact Cousin at [email protected]