Theatre Department presents SNL-style sketch comedy

Eric Casey, Correspondent

Small cast of students puts fresh take on decades old play.

“The No-Frills Revue” ended its run on Sunday, March 23. It went on for five non-consecutive days. The first show was Friday, Feb 14.

The play consisted of many comedy and musical sketches containing no specific plot line. It included comical tributes to revue styles 1950s and ’60s scene, and was written and directed by American theatre director Martin Charnin.

It first went into production in 1987.  He is best known as a Tony Award winner for creating the popular musical “Annie.”

Although the “SNL-like” skits dive into decades containing famous historical events most attendees didn’t live through, it doesn’t completely alienate them. In fact, some sketches spoof well-known broadway plays and more.

“From what I know, there were a lot of jokes making references to celebrities and pop culture that can relate to someone in my generation,” Moe Woodard, theatre arts major, said.

The musical sketch show performed by a small cast may bring memories to those who recall watching variety shows in the 1960’s such as “The Ed Sullivan Show” and “The Carol Burnett Show. ” Back then that was a popular source of comedy and live entertainment on television.

“The No-Frills Revue” was presented at the Dorothy Dickson Darte Center.  In charge of the event was Director of Theatre, Teresa Fallon and Music Theatre Director, Ken McGraw.

General admission was $10, and for seniors and students it was $5.  Faculty, staff, and students with their Wilkes ID got in for free.