E-mentor program reviewing applications from students interested in summer-fall ‘14

Amanda Fulk, Correspondent

Wilkes University’s E-Mentor program recently was accepting applications for eligible students interested in becoming an E-Mentor for summer/fall 2014.
The process by which becoming an E-Mentor is encouraged for all Wilkes students in their sophomore year or older to consider. Applications were located at the info desk in the Student Union Building. Along with the applications students were also required to have a letter of recommendation, some form of involvement on the campus, and to have a current GPA of a 2.5 or higher.
Sharon Castano, mentoring coordinator, said she expects to hold interviews for the recent applicants in late February and early March.
The award-winning program, which was ranked third in the nation for the 2013 National Association of Student Personnel Administrators Excellence Award, holds great importance and responsibility for the 40 students who are offered the chance of being a mentor. The program is “important for transition” and allows a student to “grow as a leader,” Castano said.
The intent of the program is to foster relationships between the freshmen and the mentors, based on their majors.
Brittany Battista, a communication studies senior and member of the Zebra agency, said there is, “a continuing relationship beyond freshmen year.”
Along with creating friendships, a mentor will also provide great guidance for a student when faced with some of the challenges they may encounter with their major or simply adjusting to campus life.
For further information about the E-Mentor program, contact Castano at 570-408-2950 or at [email protected]