Zebra joins effort to aid education improvement

Marisa Farronato, Correspondent

Wilkes University’s student-run public relations agency, Zebra Communications, is collaborating with founder and President of the Wilkes-Barre Area Education Improvement Foundation, Frank Pasquini, to enhance overall education within the local school systems.

Wilkes-Barre area recently joined the ranks of more than 200 districts around the state to have its own educational foundation, a body of volunteer fundraisers working independently of the district. The foundation works independently of the district’s faculty, school directors and administration.

Fundraising for the foundation began last February, raising about $1,7000 in 2013. Volunteers are going to start with a writing lab program, and a math and science program that focuses on technology through digital tablets for the use of students.

“Since I grew up in this area, I am really looking forward to seeing the progress we will make in helping the local schools,” junior Zebra Communications member Talia Pantano said. “The foundation has really great intentions and we are hoping the community can support it, as well.”

The success of other nonprofit organizations in Luzerne County gives the foundation hope. The foundation’s first public event, a mixer, took place Jan. 24, with a crowd of more than 100.