Relay for Life kickoff event raises cancer awareness

Haley Adam, Correspondent

Wilkes kicked off Relay For Life by encouraging students to participate in fundraising event this past week.

The Relay for Life committee hosted an event at Wilkes University in the Henry Student Center on Tuesday, Feb. 4, to raise awareness for the American Cancer Society.

Relay For Life is an annual fundraising walk that Wilkes hosts to raise money for the American Cancer Society. It is a chance for faculty and students to connect through the honoring of cancer survivors. The event also informs participants on how to reduce the risk of cancer as well as raise money for those who are fighting the disease.

Wilkes will be holding several smaller events to raise awareness of the overall Relay For Life walk that will be at noon Saturday, April 12, on the Wilkes campus.

“People participate in the event by signing up for a team and then fundraising individually as a team,” said Bethany Sharpless, Wilkes University pharmacy student.

Students can go to the Relay for Life of Wilkes University and track the current fundraising status of each group. In addition, Wilkes has a separate Facebook page called Wilkes University Colleges Against Cancer where students post updates with photos and when events will be held.

“The event on Tuesday provided an opportunity for students to talk to the committee and get assistance in signing up online and talk about fundraising techniques,” Sharpless said.

Wilkes University hopes to raise awareness throughout campus and the Wilkes community.