Diversity trip to see NYC play

Amanda Kornak, Correspondent

The Office of Diversity Initiatives is hosting a trip for Wilkes, King’s and Misericordia students to see the play “Platanos Y Collard Greens” in New York City.

The show is at 3 p.m. on Feb. 15. Departure from Wilkes University’s Marts Gym will be at 11 a.m.

“Platanos Y Collard Greens” is a play that tells the story about two college students in a relationship. The couple is interracial; one of them is of a black background while the other is Latino. The show is supposed to contain comedy as well as romance and family matters.

“I think it is very important to go on this trip,” says Erica Acosta who is planning this trip, “so that students can see some issues that might arise from an interracial relationship and how to overcome those differences.”

“Platanos Y Collard Greens” acts as a learning tool, that is also entertaining, for college students. College can be the time where many young people get involved with relationships, and by attending a university with a diverse student population it is relevant for students to learn about interracial relationships.

“This play had come to my university at the University of Buffalo,” Acosta says. “I loved it when I saw it, and I wanted to share that experience with our students here.”

Because three local universities are taking advantage of this opportunity, space is limited to only 18 student seats per university. Three faculty members and a staff member are also going on the trip.

For more information, email Acosta at [email protected] or visit the “Platanos Y Collard Greens” website at www.platanosandcollardgreens.com.