Wilkes faculty art premieres in Sordoni Gallery

Rasha Shaker, Correspondent

The art of Chad W. Stanley, a Wilkes faculty member, and Jim Lennox, a former faculty member,  are being featured in The Sordoni Gallery until Dec. 15.

The paintings of Stanley, an associate professor in the English department at Wilkes, share a common theme, literature. His says his artistic style is expressionistic.

He came to Wilkes in 2005 after receiving his graduate’s degree at Connecticut University.

“It’s really thrilling to have this shown at Wilkes,” Stanley said. “It’s inspiring, and it’s more than a hobby to me because it deals with literature.”

Before studying English and literature, Stanley attended Pratt University in upstate New York for minor graduate studies.

“Pratt was more of a liberal arts school, and I wanted more than that,” Stanley said. He would transfer to Syracuse for painting, eventually switching majors. Before becoming an English and history major, Stanley also studied physiology.

Sculptor Jim Lennox had also taught at Wilkes University, beginning in the 1990s. Lennox grew up on a farm learning construction and fabrication skills, which is still used in his work.

“It is a very joyful experience to translate an idea from a drawing, or a thought I have in my head, into a three dimensional object,” Lennox wrote in his biography.

Lennox sculpts primarily with metal.

“Over the years I have taught myself how to move and manipulate the metal into compound curves,” Lennox wrote.

Jim Lennox’s work is in the main gallery, titled “nine-O-one: Jim Lennox Sculpture and Paintings.” “Visual Literacy: Paintings by Chad W. Stanley are in the Sordoni Art Gallery Annex, the room adjacent to the main gallery.

Gallery hours are from noon to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. For more information, call 570-408-4325.