Ibop coffee — coffee as art, relaxing destination just down street


Adam Lubas, Correspondent

“Coffee with the right bop from step one.”
This is the motto of the new shop, Ibop Coffee, that opened in Wilkes-Barre last June.
The smell of brewed coffee creates a strong aroma and an atmosphere of artistry with the owners paintings along the walls of the shop Downtown at 49 E. Northampton St. just past Movies 14.
Owners Soni and Josh Park are originally artists from Manhattan but moved to town to peruse the culture and they say they are excited for the artistic community in Wilkes-Barre.
Ibop is an open-style coffee shop turning to local artists and writers as a new hangout. Extra White walls are situated for gallery space.
Soni Park said she and her husband studied coffee for more than three years and are always improving their techniques.
“Coffee is an art,” Soni said.
Wilkes as well as King’s students receive a 10 percent discount with their IDs.
Drinks include chai lattes, macchiato, americanos and others. The coffee they make is labor-intensive, such as Kyoto, which is brewed for 14 hours and served over ice. It is crisp and robust in flavor.
“With the Kyoto, we are interested in the fruit blend of Coffee,” Soni said.
IBOP sells high quality chocolates like Mast Brothers and Askinosie, both made with organic beans direct from farmers.
IBOP is based off of a Manhattan and San Francisco coffee shop setting and style. The coffee is fair trade and gourmet based coffee with beans from countries such as Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Honduras and Guatemala.
Soni said her coffee is the same price of large national chains, but with better quality. The beans they receive are from local distributors and are always fresh. IBOP sells half- and one-pound bags of coffee in their store.
They started recently selling Soni’s signature “Bowl,” a salad made with organic brown rice, tahini, black beans, kale and lettuce.
Wilkes as well as King’s students receive a 10 percent discount with their IDs.