Internship fair proves worthwhile experience

Ashley Evert, Assistant L&A&E Editor

Students will have the opportunity to sell their resumes in person to more than 40 companies at this year’s Internship Fair at Wilkes University.
Companies will search for Wilkes students to intern or become full-time employees from 11-1 p.m. on Oct. 17 in the Henry Student Center Ballroom.
“Any student who can walk in can find at least two companies looking for someone in their major,” internship and mentoring coordinator Sharon Castano said.
She said this is a great opportunity for students because she can’t visit 45 companies by herself and build relationships with them for the students.
“Corporate doesn’t know these students’ abilities like I do,” she said.
The fair creates an environment where these companies are easily accessible and ready and willing to hire Wilkes students. That gives students an advantage since they are not competing with students from other schools.
Another advantage of the fair is that “you’re selling your resume as you handing it to them,” said Castano. It’s different than an employer sifting through a pile of resumes with no face or personality attached to them.
Students should bring 20-25 copies of their resumes and plan to spend an average of 30 minutes at the fair. More than 100 students from various majors attend every year. Seniors can also attend because some companies are looking to hire full-time. Some companies even interview on the spot.
Alex Makos, a senior marketing major, said he met a representative at the Internship Fair his freshman year and began networking. He built good rapport with Pella Windows and Doors and maintained it for two years.
He then interned for them as a junior and spent the summer in Boston. He has since been offered a full-time job and is starting as soon as he graduates.
Students can check the map when they enter the fair that will list where each company is located. A list of companies attending the fair will be posted in front of Castano’s office, which is located in the Student Center lounge. The list also includes the companies’ websites so students can acquaint themselves with the companies before the fair.
The Internship Fair acts as an anchor for Professional Development Week. P.D.W. will hold workshops that help students develop professionally.
Networking, social media, starting a resume and a life coach on motivation will all be offered through P.D.W. beginning with the fair on Oct. 17.