Trend alert: stiletto nails claw their way to top


Ashley Evert, Assistant L&A&E Editor

I know what you’re thinking when you see the longer than usual, slightly pointed nails that currently embellish the hands of celebrities and models, but these nails are much trendier than what usually comes to mind when one tries to describe these new nails.
Stiletto nails aren’t the pointy, Elviraesque claws usually seen in the outdated posters that adorn the walls of nail salons.  No, stiletto nails are long enough that they are still pretty functional but are a little edgier than the traditional square shape.
Seen on the famous fingers of celebs like Beyonce and Lady Gaga, stiletto nails are gaining in popularity.
The demand is hard to keep up with for nail technicians who are used to doing the typical square acrylic nails with swirly, traditional Asian designs.  This generation is calling for a new style that suits the individual, nothing is off limits movement sweeping the nation.
If you’re lucky enough to know a nail tech that can do these trendy nails and are used to getting acrylics, stilettos are a fun way to switch up your routine.
Stiletto nails can be shaped from a client’s natural nails or created artifically. They are no more difficult to keep up than regular square acrylics and should be filled every two weeks.
Stiletto nails are easier than one might think to get used to. It’s all about the use of the fingertips instead of the use of nails for every day activities.
One of the most common manicures in magazines and online beauty blogs is the heart tip French.  Because of the shape of the nails, the little point acts as the bottom tip of a heart and the usual straight line of a French manicure is done as a soft, slightly curvy “V” so that it looks like hearts.
Another way to wear stiletto nails is to completely bedazzle them—think Nicki Minaj.  Instagram is filled with photos of rhinestone and Swarovski crystal covered claws. Pearls, opals, chains, spikes and pyramid studs can all be applied with a little industrial strength nail glue to cusomize the manicure to suit one’s personality.
If you’re looking for a more classic, vintage inspired look, check out Lana Del Ray’s nails.  She’s always wearing sleek, understated stilettos that tie in with her 1960’s attire.  Adele does the same with understated, minimalist claws.
So you’re not one to follow celebrities?  OK, then how about another reason to wear this new nail shape?  Those of us with shorter, not exactly skinny fingers can attest to the stiletto nail shape’s way of elongating the fingers.
This look is less “old lady” and more elegance.  Think of all those smoking advertisements from the ‘50s and how long and slender the womens fingers looked because their nails were slightly pointed at the tops.  That old saying really does ring true:  Fashion recycles—and we love that it does.