Students attend event in hopes of finding roommate

Makala Flottemesch, Correspondent

Wilkes University students had the chance to mingle and get to know other students that could possibly end up being their roommates during a March 26 event in the Henry Student Center.

Coordinator Jean Marie DeLuca said the event was only an hour long with only a handful of students attending, but was successful. DeLuca said she was satisfied with helping out the students who showed up to the event. She also hoped that if other students around campus didn’t attend, it was because they were already exploring their housing options on their own.  

To prepare for this event, RAs around campus reached out to their residents, sending them a flier electronically and posting fliers in their halls and additional places around the Wilkes campus.

At the event, students were able to get to know other students that needed a roommate. To make the process easier, the students also created fliers with personal information that is important to pay attention to when choosing a roommate. These fliers included things like sleeping habits, cleanliness and overall expectations of their housing experiences.

DeLuca also believes that having a roommate you get along with isn’t exactly imperative to having a successful college experience, but it is something that can make your college experience more enjoyable. It gives students the opportunity to meet more people and stay connected with others.

“Whenever students branch out to actively seek new opportunities and meet new people it is always a stand out moment,” DeLuca said. “It shows that our Wilkes community is open and willing to connect and build relationships with new people. This is what makes our army of colonels a family at Wilkes.”