Res Life brings movie theater to Wilkes, Wilkes screens movies 24/7 on Channel 98

Macey McGuire, Correspondent

As a college student it is hard to find the time to go out and see the newest movies or even find a place to rent movies. Sure there’s a movie theater a few blocks from the Wilkes campus, and red boxes at nearby gas stations, but wouldn’t it be more convenient if there were an easier way?
Thanks to Residence Life, there is a much easier way to see new movies.
Starting after spring break, Res Life brought about Channel 98, a channel that new movies will be aired for 24 hours a day for Wilkes resident students.
“Residence Life has been researching different benefits for on campus students and this was a perk we felt could be implemented and that the students would really enjoy,” Elizabeth Swantek, director of Residence Life, said.
The program is the result of student government and school officials observing it at other colleges.
“This is a program that other schools have available to their resident students that Wilkes has been looking to incorporate for a few years now,” Bethany Sharpless, president of the Inter-Residence Hall Council, said. She helped coordinate plans with the Res Life to make this Channel to be available for the students to watch.
“This is the first time that a campus-sponsored movie channel has been featured at Wilkes,” Sharpless said.
As far as the channel’s movie selection goes, students should expect to see eight different movies a month. This month the movies that have aired on the channel are “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Flight,” “Argo,” “The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn, Part 2,” “Ted,” “The Iron Lady,” “Perks of Being a Wallflower” and “Paranormal Activity 4.” Students have chosen these movies.
“We create an Excel spreadsheet and send it to all the RAs,” Swantek explained. “They have either forwarded the information to their residents or posted the spreadsheet by the common TV.”
The Res Life will be sending out surveys each month to see what the students want to see on the channel.
So far, Sharpless and Swantek said they have heard good feedback from students who really like the addition of this channel.