Cake Challenge goes to the movies

Anthony Bartoli, Assistant A&E Editor

This semester marks Evans Hall, Floor 3’s second time winning the Cake Challenge in the same school year, having won back in October as well. The subject of their cake was the movie “Charlotte’s Webb”

“We hold Cake Challenge once a semester,” Inter-Residence Hall Council Treasurer and Chair of the Cake Challenge Corie Clark said. “We encourage all Resident Assistants to come out and participate because it’s really fun.”

This semester, the theme of Cake Challenge was “books that were turned into movies.”

“The general board of IRHC gets to vote on a theme and they give input into how we can set the event up,” Clark said. “We had six cakes this semester, which is a really great turnout for this event, especially considering that there (was) a snowstorm.”

Students who attended the event said that they really enjoyed it, because not only did they get to see some great looking cakes, it was also free to sample the cakes.

Students that sampled the different cakes got to vote for their favorites in the “People’s Choice” contest. This year, the People’s Choice Award went to Weiss Hall.  The theme of the Weiss Hall cake was “The Princess Diaries.”

The themes of the other cakes included “Harry Potter” (Towers, Floor 7), “Willy Wonka” (Towers, Floor 2), “The Princess Diaries” (Weiss Hall), “Alice in Wonderland” (Sullivan) and another take on “Charlotte’s Web” (Ross Hall).

This judges for this year’s challenge were Liz Swantek, Sandy Anthony, Sheila Cook, Jean Marie DeLuca and Jamie Miller.

“I’m very proud of my hall for winning People’s Choice because we worked really hard on the cake. This is my first time coordinating a group to bake a cake and we won People’s Choice,” RA of Weiss Hall, Kassi Bugg said. “I’m very proud of my home-girls.”