Beauty Beat: Glitter Matte Nails

Ashley Evert, Staff Writer

The matte nail polish trend has hit its peak, so naturally nail care companies have to find a new angle to keep consumers interested.  Nail polish giants OPI and Zoya have risen to the challenge, creating a new textured matte polish with flecks of glitter.
OPI’s matte glitters are incorporated into their latest Mariah Carey collection as “Liquid Sand” polishes.  This collection includes four polishes in various colors.  Zoya has its own line entitled “Pixie Dust,” which began with six hues.  They will release six new shades as a Summer Pixie Dust collection sometime in April.
Naturally I snatched up a bottle—or three—of these as soon as I saw them to test them out.  I picked up Zoya’s “Godiva” (subtle beige), OPI’s Can’t Let Go (intense purple) and Stay The Night (black with crimson glitter).  I wore each of these for a week, which is generally the time a manicure lasts without considerable chipping, to see how they measured up not only in aesthetics but also longevity.
This polish is different in the way that it is completely matte, but does not look dull because of the sparkle from the addition of glitter.  To apply, avoid a base coat, apply two coats of polish and skip the usual top coat.  This ensures a matte finish.
Both Zoya’s and OPI’s versions lasted equally as long with very minimal chipping by the end of each week.  I wondered if the texture of the dried polish along with the glitter would make it extremely hard to remove (we’ve all been there, scrubbing away at glitter-filled polishes for what seems like hours), but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was easier than most polishes to clean off with the help of some acetone.
As of right now, OPI and Zoya are the only brands offering this unique lacquer, but I predict that China Glaze and Sally Hansen will soon join in on the fun and create their own versions of this polish.
OPI’s Liquid Sand ranges anywhere from $5 to $8 online and Zoya’s Pixie Dust averages $9.  I think this is a pretty solid price point for something a little more unique than your average polish.  Be sure to check out or if you’re interesting in purchasing a bottle of matte textured glitter nail polish.
I don’t think this trend will outlast the test of time as a staple in a manicurist’s collection, but judging by the outrageous amount of people who have raved over my nails, it will definitely be around a while.