Pintresting: A How to Guide, Glitter Tumbler

Anne Yoskoski, Advertising Manager/Asst. Life Editor

Admit it, everyone is on Pinterest. It’s chock-full of amazing ideas and simple crafts that cause everyone to take one look at the picture with the “it’s so easy!” description and declare, “I could do that.” After some severe craft fails (and successes), I , Anne Yoskoski, decided it was time to share these experiences with everyone, hopefully saving at least one oven, set of eyebrows, trip to the doctor for stitches and a carpet in the process.
Glitter Tumbler

This craft was easy and fun, and the tumbler can be reused again and again.

1. Two layer tumbler
2. Glitter
3. Clear gloss spray
4. Paper

1. Remove inside layer. You don’t need it at all in this process until the very end.
2. Spray a section of the inside of the outer layer with the spray gloss.
3. Add a medium amount of loose glitter.
4. Find some sort of lid (I used black cardstock) and shake the cup so you get a thick layer of glitter where you just sprayed. Dump excess glitter into whatever you’re collecting glitter in.
5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 until you are happy with the look.
6. While everything is drying put the inside layer back in to make sure it still fits. If it doesn’t fit, gently rub some glitter off until it does. If you get glitter on the inside layer it’s not a big deal, you will only be removing it to wash it.
7. Spray an even layer of the spray gloss over all of your glitter. This will seal in the glitter and make it a solid layer so that none will fall off later. Make sure to get none on the outside, you don’t have to do this step all at once. I recommend splitting it up into at least three sections.

Let it dry, put it together and you are done. Some residual glitter might fall out, but that should only happen when you’re separating it to wash. There will never be any glitter in your drink or anywhere else (we all know how glitter is).