Gambini’s odd hours cause students to miss other food options

Anne Yoskoski, Advertising Manager/Asst. Life Editor

Colonel Gambini’s, formerly Einstien Bros. is located on the first floor of the UCOM center on Main Street. Many students flock here during lunch time, but are immediatly ushered out at 3 p.m.
Featuring Starbucks coffee, catering and fresh personal pizzas, Gambini’s should be busy all the time.
Gambini’s has great food, but the quality of their products is overshadowed by one major flaw: their hours of operation.
Gambini’s is open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on the weekends.
“I love the food, but I wish they stayed open longer,” said junior biology major Tiara Grant. “That pizza would be great for dinner.”
While keeping Gambini’s open longer would result in a higher operation cost for the school, overall it would benefit the business. More employees might be needed, and the existing ones still need to be paid. Everything costs money, including the electricity and food preparation ingredients.
This cost would need to be weighed against the flow of cash that would result from sales made in dinner hours.
While Wilkes does have a “late night” at Rifkin café in the Henry Student Center, Gambini’s would be another great spot to employ that program. Gambini’s extra food options also may improve late night, as many students dislike the food that Rifkin serves later at night.
Gambini’s location, directly across the street from University Towers, has the potential to be the most appealing option to late night diners who live on campus. A shorter walk than Rifkin and Gambini’s catering option make the café highly appealing to Tower’s residents.
“I like Gambini’s Café,” said junior education major Shawn Loyack. “Their coffee prices are a bit high sometimes for flavored coffees, but I know I’m getting a better product with Starbucks.”
The benefits of staying open longer don’t only benefit Tower’s residents. Commuters appreciate Gambini’s, as well.
Senior English education major T.J. Dennis would love a pizza before his night class.
“It’d be nice to get some of that food for dinner without paying the high price for a full university meal plan,” Dennis said. “Rifkin has good food, but a pizza might be nice before my night class instead of going home or getting a pre-made sandwich.”
A Gambini’s employee who did not want to be identified expressed how they thought the restaurant should stay open longer.
“Students leave at three and we get out earlier, but the benefits of having pizza disappear when no one eats it after noon. Towers kids come here, and I think they would come for dinner if they could.”
Students can visit Gambini’s to check out the food for themselves and hopefully all students will be able to visit Gambini’s around dinner hours.