Students get to test their pipes at karoake night

Macy McGuire, Staff Writer

The Wilkes University Programming board will once again be holding an interactive event for the students at Wilkes University.

Singers and non-singers will get the chance to shine by participating in the upcoming karaoke night, hosted by the WUPB. This event will give the students a chance to sing solos, hangout with their friends, watch others sing, or even sing with their friends in a group.

Chinese food will be provided for the event, and like most of the other events held by the WUPB it is free for students.

The karaoke night will be held at 8 p.m. in the Henry Student Center Lounge. The DJ that will be providing hundreds of music selections will be DJ Rocking Rick, who is a Wilkes alumnus and DJs many other events at Wilkes.

“We are trying to have themed times like a country hour, ‘90s hour, etc.,” said Jessica Short, president of WUPB who will be attending the event and making sure everything runs smoothly. “We also want to do a roulette round where they sign up to sing but won’t know the song until they get up to sing.”

“Like all of our events we try to bring something different each week so everyone has a chance to participate,” Ashley Mehall, the event planner said. “We try to bring events that students will enjoy and have fun but each week is never the same so it’s always something new for them.”

“Even if singing isn’t your thing you can still come to this event and enjoy it with your friends and watch other students sing,” Mehall added.

If students are afraid or conscious of singing at this event, Thalia Garzon will be there to help.

“I try to encourage others to go up and sing, even if it’s stepping out of his or her comfort zone,” she said.