Programming board hosts blacklight party in SUB

Julianna Salvato, Correspondent

A blacklight party, complete with lights, a photo booth, glow sticks, a DJ and dancing, took place in the Henry Student Center Thursday night.

The event was hosted by the Wilkes University Programming Board, which sponsors many events on campus throughout each semester. They ran the event using the company Any Excuse for a Party, which supplied lights, a DJ and glow sticks.

The ballroom on the second floor of the student union building was transformed into a dance-club for the party, which ran from 8 p.m. to midnight. Students could dance, use the photo booth or just hang out.

Jess Short, president of programming board, said before the event that it would be a fun evening. “We are looking for a great turnout.”

This was the first time that programming board has hosted a blacklight party, although Student Government held a similar event outside during homecoming week.

Programming Board got the idea at a conference the members attended, Short said. Other schools spoke of how well blacklight events went over with students so WUPB decided to throw one of their own.