Pintresting: A How-To Guide, Frosted Glasses

Anne Yoskoski, Advertising Manager/Asst. Life Editor

Admit it, everyone is on Pinterest. It’s chock-full of amazing ideas and simple crafts that cause everyone to take one look at the picture with the “it’s so easy!” description and declare, “I could do that.” After some severe craft fails (and successes), I , Anne Yoskoski, decided it was time to share these experiences with everyone, hopefully saving at least one oven, set of eyebrows, trip to the doctor for stitches and a carpet in the process.
Frosted Glasses

This was more difficult than I expected it to be. After several trial and error glasses, I finally ended up with a good process.


1. glassware
2. frost spray paint (white)
3. rubber bands/paper strips


1. Place rubber bands around your glassware in the pattern you want to stay perfectly clear. I found out the hard way to use thick rubber bands. The thin ones will break. If the bands overlap, make sure it is snug so there will be a neat pattern.
2. Spray the glass. I found three coats were too many, two coats should be fine. If it seems like it isn’t showing up, wait a bit for it to dry a little.
3. Let dry and get out of the room (spray outside if you can); the fumes are especially noxious. When the outside of a rubber band is dry and not tacky to the touch, you are ready for the next step.
4. Remove the bands carefully.
5. It will look messy. Wash and dry the glassware, and paint flakes that built up around the edge of the bands will break off. If they do not, work at it with a sponge until they disappear.
6. Enjoy

This was a bit more expensive, mainly due to the paint. While it wasn’t exactly difficult, it wasn’t an exact science either.