Pinterest, Feb. 19

Anne Yoskoski, Advertising Manager/Asst. Life Editor

iPhone case
We update our phone cases constantly. Well, if you have an iPhone, making a personalized case can be extremely cheap.

– scrapbook paper
– clear iPhone case (very cheap on and eBay)
– scissors
– an Exacto knife
– pencil

1. Make a template on the scrap book paper for your phone
2. Cut out the template and place it in the phone case
3. With your phone snapped into the case, trace around where the camera hole is in the case, directly on to the scrapbook paper
4. Take the paper out of the case and cut out the camera hole with an exacto
5. Place your phone back in, and you are good to go!

This can also be jazzed up with glitter, stickers, or Sharpie designs.

This was amazingly simple and cost less than $5- a great bargain for something so cute and functional.