Beauty Beat: Beauty MythBuster vol. 1

Ashley Evert, Staff Writer

As a cosmetologist, I’ve heard so many outrageous myths that I’ve run out of appalled facial expressions to use in response to these ridiculous claims.  I wanted to clear the air about some of the most common myths and hopefully get people to think a little more about what they’re told to believe.

Myth: Shaving or cutting hair makes it grow back thicker and faster.

Fact: Shaving or cutting hair will not make it grow back thicker or faster.  Your hair is tapered, so it comes to a slight point.  When you clip that hair off, it eliminates that point and makes the hair appear thicker.  The hair that has already left the follicle, a.k.a. the hair we physically see, is dead.  Therefore, cutting it doesn’t affect the actual growth process.  Basically, it’s all an optical illusion.  The solution to this problem is something everyone dreads: waxing.  I know, I know. It hurts! But pulling that hair out from the follicle ensures that there is no blunt edge so when it grows back, the tapered point remains and gives the appearance of thinner hair. But what if you can’t wax because you’ve got sensitive skin? Just head over to the mall and get threaded! It’s faster than tweezing and plucks the hair right out from the root.

Myth: Putting mayonnaise on my hair will condition it.

Fact: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this one.  The reasoning behind this is that your hair is made up of protein, as are the eggs that mayo is mainly composed of.  Ok, I could see how that makes sense; however, topical products only go so far because your hair has a cuticle that protects it (think of it like shingles on a roof, overlapping and protecting what’s underneath).  So really, this method just doesn’t penetrate the cuticle and deeply nourish your hair.  Now eating protein is a whole different story.  That will go a long way for long, strong, healthy hair and nails.

Myth: I’m losing so much hair in the shower, I’m totally going bald.

Fact: This myth needs to be put to rest! Your hair goes through three phases in which it grows, rests, and falls out.  This is normal.  Some studies have shown that the average human loses about 40 hairs a day, some claim it’s over 100.  Either way, if you are seeing lots of hair in your hairbrush or shower, you should be relieved.  Think of it like a dog shedding their coat in the spring. This is just your body’s way of telling you that this hair needs to go in order to make room for new, luscious strands. Sometimes, losing hair can actually be a sign of good health.

Wondering if prenatal pills really make your nails grow? How about quick fixes for split ends? Know a myth I haven’t covered? Email it to me at [email protected] and I’ll do all the research for you!