Pinterest Challenge: Dry erase calendar

Anne Yoskoski, Advertising Manager

Admit it, everyone is on Pinterest. It’s chock-full of amazing ideas and simple crafts that cause everyone to take one look at the picture with the “it’s so easy!” description and declare, “I could do that.” After some severe craft fails (and successes), I , Anne Yoskoski, decided it was time to share these experiences with everyone, hopefully saving at least one oven, set of eyebrows, trip to the doctor for stitches and a carpet in the process.
Dry Erase Board

This week’s Pinterest challenge is what appears to be a simple craft: making a dry erase calendar. It seems simple enough, and it’s something everyone can use for organization.

A picture frame big enough to have a full month on it (make sure it has a glass, not plastic, face)
Paint chips (raid your local Lowe’s or Home Depot)
A nail or picture frame hanging hook
Dry erase marker
Sheet of card stock or plain paper

Take the back of the frame and glue card stock of any print or color onto it.
Once dry, glue the paint chips on to the card stock.
Use a ruler if you don’t think you can get them exactly in line.
When all has dried for about two hours; place it back in the frame.
It should be now ready to hang on the wall.

I give this craft a B+. The marker is difficult to erase sometimes and the glass surface makes it more delicate than a normal dry erase board.