MSC talent show attracts a crowd

Holly Boyer, Staff writer

The Multicultural Society Club held a talent show on Nov. 8 with high hopes for a fun-filled success.

A success is what they believed they got. As more and more students flooded through the doors of the Ballroom in the Henry Student Center, they had to begin to pull more and more seats out for some students still standing.

“The turnout was more than I expected,” junior business major and president of MSC, Jaleel Sterling said. “We have a great crowd and the show was a success.”

The MSC held a talent show the last two years and it was so widely successful so the members thought they had to do another year.

There were 16 student acts a part of the show. There was a lot of mixture between each group.

“We have a variety of acts here,” Junior business Major and co-vice president of MSC, Allen Christopher said. “There will be dancing, singing, an Irish Tap dance I believe, live band performances, and to top it all off, comedy acts.”

MSC wanted to also do things for the event a little different this year. They wanted to provide the ultimate college experience the audience. They had students from other schools attend; such as Kings College, Miseracordia University, and GAR High school so support and perform.

There was also a special guest to perform at the talent show. The Alpha Phi Fraternity Chapter Omicron from University of Pittsburgh and opened the show with a step performance.

“We don’t have Greek life,” Sterling said. “It was to make the school aware of other college lifestyles.”

The fraternity was very interactive with the crowd and gave the audience a show that they typically were not used to. Coming from a very large school in a big city, they also got to experience something different from Wilkes.

“I was thoroughly impressed, the energy was very constant throughout the show.”  Senior communications major at the University of Pittsburgh, Billy Bourgouin said. “I never felt the itch of the crowd wanting to leave, so I was impressed.”

After the judges picked the top five best acts, the audience got to choose the winners. In third place was Macey McGuire and Brandon Schmeer, in second place was Jaqueline Harrison, Alyssa Daniels, Joyce Eshun, and Martinique Watson, and the first place winners were Zobaida Azad and Kyle Henry.

Overall the crowd was seemed to enjoy all of the performances, getting to see all of the variety of talent from Wilkes.

“At MSC our job is to promote culture. It’s about getting to know about other schools and getting to know what their cultural background is all about,” Sterling said.