Residence halls work together for IRHC’S Cake Challenge

A Cake Challenge was hosted by the Inter-Residence Hall Council in the Henry Student Center from 7 to 9 p.m. on Nov. 14.
The Cake Challenge is an event that the IRHC holds every semester to encourage residence halls to work together to bake a cake that aligns with a particular chosen theme.
The theme for this year’s challenge was board games. Another stipulation was added to the challenge, stating that all cakes must have cereal used somewhere in the design.
Residence halls were given a set budget in order to keep things fair.
“The event was very successful. Seven residence halls participated and we had great attendance of both participants and student cake-eaters,” Behtnay sharpless, IRHC coordinator said.
Cakes were judged based on dedication to the theme, the taste of the cake and the cake’s overall appearance.
The cakes were judged by a panel of “celebrity judges” including Residence Life staff and some of the school deans.
“The creativity put into the cakes was amazing” Jen Talliona said. “It’s so cool to see what people can do with a simple idea and some cereal.”
“It was a good bonding experience,” she said. “I feel like it helped me relieve a little stress, getting away from all the work due before the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt that way. Besides, we get to eat cake.”
All residence halls participated, and most had a good time making the cakes with friends and RA’s.
“It was a good time,” Carrie Presbytz, freshman biology major, said.
The winning hall was Evans third floor, with Amber Konopka as the floors resident assistant. Second place was awarded to Evans fourthfloor with Samantha Blincoe and Mike Ogar as RAs. Third place was Ross Hall led by RA John Sweeney. The people’s choice was Waller North with Allie Giammanco.
The halls with the winning cakes will receive funds for their RAs to host a special reward program.