NYC bus trip – Thorne

Melissa Thorne, Correspondent

The Wilkes University Commuter Council has always been talked about and discussed whenever the issue of parking arises on campus, but there is so much more that the club does for students here at Wilkes. Aside from their annual Mad Hatter Tea Party held only in the spring semester Commuter Council also hosts a biannual New York City bus trip.

For just $25 the Council allows students to spend a whole day in the Big Apple exploring and experiencing new or favorite places. For some students that have never been this is an opportunity to try something new and get familiar with the diverse city. While New York regulars get to visit their favorite stores, restaurants and common tourist sites.

The bus provided for this is set to leave the Martz gym promptly at 7 a.m. this Saturday November 17th and is estimated to arrive back at Wilkes around 6:30 p.m. Once in New York students are allowed to go and roam wherever they please so long as they are back at the bus by the designed time. “The day is yours to make of it what you will” says recording secretary of Commuter Council Keri Skvarla. With the holidays approaching she advises students to hit up the shops and make good use of their 11 and ½ hours in the city.

Since there is only one bus reserved to take students out, there are only a limited number amount of seats available. According to Commuter Council there are roughly 10 seats left, though the extra space could be a good sign for those students who bring back lots of souvenirs or gifts. With no limit to the amount of bags students can come back with the notion of ‘shop till you drop’ is well implied. Students should keep in mind that there are rules as to what the Martz bus company will and will not allow on their buses such as alcoholic beverages even though Commuter Council has none themselves.

Commuter Council President Christopher Cousin did advise that students, whether new or familiar with the city, “roam within reason” since there probably won’t be time for specific landmarks. He also encourages a buddy system so that students can enjoy the trip with a friend. Supervisor of Commuter Council Dean King and her secretary Susan Hritzak will be attending the trip along with any other willing faculty or staff members that also, along with the general public, pay for the trip.

Thankfully most of the shops, plays, and businesses will be open for the trip despite the aftermath that was Hurricane Sandy. Though Commuter Council does not have any donations set up for the victims of Sandy the profits will go towards the Council’s Relay for Life team fundraising goal. Aside from their fundraising goal Cousin hopes to have a fantastic turnout for this semester’s bus trip so that students will be compelled to sign up for the spring semester trip.