Adventures coordinator enjoys new challenge

Alyssa Stencavage, Assistant Life Editor

For someone who has been a ropes course facilitator for 13 years now, Adventures Coordinator Jill Price said she loves her new job.

“I love it,” Price said. “Wilkes is a great place. The people are friendly and open, and the students are really fun.”

Price said a lot of people have been asking her how she likes Wilkes University and her new job here, and she tells them it is a great fit for her.

“I’ve been in adventure education for a while in other states so to finally do it here in the area where I grew up is really meaningful,” Price said.

Now, for those who love a good adventure or just simply being outdoors, the newest edition to the list of adventurous activities, there will be a five-part hiking series in the Spring, and Price said finding students who like to hike who will lead the series is a current goal of hers.

The hike will begin easy, but like anything else, will gradually get more challenging.

There will be some simple hikes to start that will carry through for a while, and the last one will be a culmination of what was learned on the simple hikes and will also be a bit more challenging.

“Hopefully people will enjoy something about it – connecting with nature, just enjoying the outdoors or getting some exercise outside of the gym,” Price said.

Price said she is trying to find people who enjoy being outdoors to start to connect them.

“I’m trying to find students who love adventures and outdoors and then picking their brains to see what we can do for the spring,” Price said.

As for the activities that aren’t so new, Skirmish Paintball is coming up on Nov. 17.

The climbing walls have been opened up for those who enjoy climbing, and the weekly bike rides still continue as well.

If you’d rather just go to the gym to play some basketball, run some laps or play a game with friends, open gym is on Mondays from 7-9 p.m., as has been the case for a while.

Those who work with Price and have gotten to know her think very highly of her and the work she’s been doing.

“She is very, very ambitious and loves meeting new people,” Student Development Activities Assistant Jamie Miller said. “She is full of new ideas, and is extremely creative and goal driven – so whether you just want to rock climb for fun or you want to bring your class, club, or organization in for a leadership development ropes course, she will work with you to find, or design, a program that’s right for you. She is really nice, and loves meeting new students, so pop in and say hello when you get a chance.”

“Jill is a great addition to our staff; she has terrific energy and the perfect attitude for working in Student Development, “learn by doing”!” Sharon Castano, student development coordinator said.

Our new adventures coordinator made it very clear that you don’t have to be “outdoorsy” or “hardcore adventurous” to be a facilitator of a ropes course group; you just have to enjoy “purposeful play.”

“The job of a facilitator is to guide the group from beginning to end and share in group dynamics,” Price said.

Furthermore, she sees the opportunities we have open to us to enjoy the outdoors and connect with nature.

“We’re in an area that has a ton of outdoor opportunities that are easily accessible,” Price said. “So why not make Wilkes the most fun, adventurous University you could go to?”

Price also said if you want to see results from any activity that you engage in, you have to be willing to give it your all.

“What you put in is what you get out,” Price said. “You could play a thousand games under the sun, but if you don’t put the energy into it, it’s just a game versus an experience.”

Finally, Price thinks change is important, and that if a person wants to see something done, that person has to start by taking action first.

“If you start to make a change, you’ll notice everyone and everything around starts to change and get better too,” Price said.

This is why she tries to promote growth and activity in everything she does.

Price has offered some important advice and insight into the world of adventure, so let’s all think about what we can do for ourselves and for the university we belong to.