Wilkes Cares, Shirts for Sandy

Sarah Guth, Correspondent

Two Wilkes University seniors have decided to take “community service to a higher level by selling T-shirts to raise money for Hurricane Sandy victims

Wilkes Cares was started by Kyle Wolfe, a senior communications major, and John Sweeney. a senior accounting and business major. They were just going to make one shirt that said “Jersey Strong” on it but since there were more states that were affected they decided to think of other shirts as well.

Wolfe and Sweeney came up with the ideas for the shirts. They made some rough sketches and sent them over to Futuristic Innovative Graphics and they sent the back with the final product. Futuristic will also be making the T-shirts and more the half of the cost of each shirt will be donated will be donated to the cause.

Students could preorder shirts in the Henry Student Union Building last week. An event page on Facebook, Wilkes Cares, has a link to a Google page. That site was created to provide people who do not go to Wilkes a way to order the shirts. There are many different designs and colors that can be seen on the Facebook page. Shirts cost $10 sizes S to XL and $12 for 2XL and up.

WilkesCares is also willing to ship shirts to people who are not in the area. Those shirts will cost $15.

“The money is going to aid victims of Hurricane Sandy, we are donating to local organizations in the affected areas,” Wolfe said.

Both Wolfe and Sweeney said they know people who were affected by the storm, which is why they wanted to help out and show then that Wilkes University cares.

“I think students at Wilkes would want to help because they can get involved even though we aren’t in the affected areas,” Wolfe said. “We always talk about Wilkes getting involved in the community, but when another community is affected, it is nice to see we can also get involved to help them as well.

Sweeney added, “It is important for us to show support even if we’re not personally affected because a large portion of our campus community was. Wilkes is like a family and part of being a family is supporting your members in their time of need. It’s good for the Wilkes community to help the states in need because we would want the help and support if it happened to us.

Links to the websites are https://sites.google.com/site/wilkescaresshirts/ and http://www.facebook.com/events/278614222259602/