Council of clubs meets, reviews past year, plans future events

Holly Boyer, Staff writer

Once again, the Student Government held its usual Council of Clubs on Election Night, Nov. 6, during club hours.
Council of Clubs is a chance for club presidents to come meet with Student Government and discuss issues, events, or announcements that the club may have to share with the SG board. It also gives SG a chance to relay any news to the clubs.
“It is an opportunity for us through Student Development and Student Government to make announcements to all the clubs,” Jamie Miller, Activities Assistant, said “It is an opportunity for club presidents to make announcements to all the other clubs.”
Council of Clubs is usually held four times a year. One is held at the beginning and end of each semester.
Student Government President Kris Rivers said that about 30 clubs showed up to the meeting on Tuesday.
“Ideally we would like to have all clubs there, both that get SG funding and those that are SG budgeted,” Rivers said. “We would like everyone there so that way everyone has a chance to hear about each other and a chance to interact with each other.”
During the meeting topics discussed were the new GiveGab program, an introduction of Jill Price, the new Adventure Education Coordinator, the new van policy, and also events and community service opportunities for clubs.
Also discussed in the meeting was how clubs can effectively report to Student Government and to have clear communication with the SG board.
Each semester, clubs are supposed to give a report to SG. However, there was not much of a clear idea of what each party wanted.
“For a long time that has been open ended, and give an idea of what there club has been doing throughout the semester,” Miller said. “We are going to make it a little bit more structured so the clubs have a real idea of what the Student Government is looking for.”