Comedy Night Keeps Students Laughing and Relieves Stress

Holly Boyer, Staff Writer

As a part of the weekly Thursday night events that the Programming Board hosts, they decided to have a comedy night this past Nov. 25. This event had three Wilkes student entertainers as well as a professional comedian performing.

The student comedians were Jaleel Sterling, Cartier Scott and Matt Gaines to open the show.

“I thought the MCs did a phenomenal job,” Gaines, a communication studies major, said. “Jaleel and Cartier are absolutely hilarious and are great at pepping up a crowd.”

Gaines, who enjoys the thrill of making people laugh, gets excited at the opportunity to test out his jokes and delivery to the students on campus. He tries to talk as much about the school and its surrounding landmarks to give the audience something they can appreciate.

“Matt Gaines was one of my favorites because he can make you laugh just by him laughing and he made a lot of relatable jokes,” Programming Board President Jess Short said.

After the student entertainers performed, they finished the show with Ian Fidance, who is a professional comedian. Fidance works well with college crowds. He went through the college experience and he remembers all of the stupid and silly things that typical college students do.

“Ian was absolutely hilarious, his jokes and delivery are remarkable.” Gaines said. “He is a great inspiration to me, and I am truly envious of his talents as a comedian.  He gives me something to shoot for.”

The event was clearly a successful turnout by the looks of the packed lounge in the Henry Student Union Building.

“It was really impressive, I think we had about 200 people in the lounge, which was phenomenal,” Short said.

Although many more students attended this comedy night compared to past ones, the comedy events are always usually a big hit on campus.

“A comedy night is definitely a nice stress reliever,” Short said. “Especially if it’s some of the students ’cause you know them and they often say things that can be relatable.”